Cycling In The City Talks Elections

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Cycling In The City Talks Elections

Last time we did this (a Mayoral election) no one spent very much time talking about cycling – this time it's been different. Boris's interventions, loved or hated, have played a big part in changing that – but another huge factor has been the constant efforts of bloggers and campaigners to hold the Mayoralty and TfL to account. One of those bloggers is Danny Williams, whose blog, Cyclists in the City, was the spearhead of the battle for Blackfriars Bridge, and instigated November's Tour Du Danger. We asked Danny for his thoughts on the state of cycling in the capital.

What are the key issues in London cycling at the moment?
I think the key issue is that the current Mayor wants to plan for more roads and more motor traffic in London. Instead of focusing on road building (and all the disruption, pollution, damage to people's streets and neighbourhoods), he should create conditions where most people think cycling is a sensible alternative to taking the car. It can be done, he just needs to tell his transport people that's what he wants.

What would you like to see the Mayor and Assembly do?
Focus on things that make a real difference like safer routes for cycling where people don't feel intimated by motor traffic and not just putting blue paint down the middle of the road any more.

If Londonist gave you £60m, what would you do to make London better?
Building two really top quality routes for cycling right through London. One going east>west and the other north>south. They should be routes where cycling is the priority form of transport. There are thousands of routes where motor traffic is the priority form of transport. It's time that cycling had at least two to make a real difference.

Danny (and Londonist) will be at the Big Ride this Saturday.

Last Updated 26 April 2012