Ken Livingstone In Jewish Vote Gaffe

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Ken Livingstone In Jewish Vote Gaffe

Ken Livingstone has perpetrated what appears to be the latest in a series of pre-election faux-pas from the mayoral candidates when he said that he did not expect the Jewish community to vote Labour because of their wealth.

Both Ken and Boris Johnson seem to be competing to see who can offend the most voters — with the Irish (Boris Johnson), the gay community and arguably Tories too (Ken Livingstone), bankers (Ken again) and people in Marylebone (Boris).

Of course, as with the row over Ken's 'riddled with homosexuals' remark, one comment does not an anti-Semite make, but once again it highlights a lack of thought before speech from mayoral candidates.

Photo by Matt from London

Last Updated 22 March 2012


I don't think they care about arts of culture.. the only thing boris has ever said that hints at culture is that he likes to scavenge rubbish from the banks of the thames..

Jean-Michel Genre

Just the word "riddled"...incredibly negative by conatation - rather like the "language of disgust" used by Nazi propaganda in WWII. One can be riddled with cancer, riddled with rats...


London needs an alternative. A dinosaur like Ken, who granted had his day, is not that alternative. And it surely isnt someone who compares everything to food and needs a haircut badly...


Would this be the same Ken Livingston who made an offensive remark about Jewish People
Who also welcomed To london an extremist hate preacher who praised suicide bombers and wanted to stone Homosexuals to death

So was that another Livingston gaff