Hackney Heroine Stands For Council

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 74 months ago
Hackney Heroine Stands For Council

Voters can be forgiven for expecting to see famous names on their Mayoral ballot papers on 3 May, but residents of Hackney Central ward may see another one they recognise.

'Hackney heroine' Pauline Pearce, the woman who was filmed berating looters during the August riots/disturbances/scarytimes, is standing in a by-election for Hackney Council. Current Labour councillor Alan Laing is moving to Scotland, so his seat needs filling. Pearce is representing the Lib Dems, continuing their policy of recruiting recognised 'independents' who are seen as tough on crime (see also: Brian Paddick).

Whether Pearce's personal reputation is enough to counter the general backlash against the Liberal Democrats remains to be seen.

Last Updated 15 March 2012

Jim Jepps

She's going to find it difficult in that ward where the Lib Dems would have needed to more than double their vote last time to win the seat. In a much more hostile environment (which I think 2014 will certainly be) even such a well respected candidate will find Hackney Central too steep a mountain to climb.

Jim Jepps

Oh - I hadn't realsied this was to be in May - thanks.

I suspect the lib Dems hope you can shred the previous stats, but it's pretty rare that's the case and in Hackney with a formidable Labour machine I doubt we'll see a Lib Dem victory, although it will be interesting to watch. 

I'm not sure Boris exactly overturned the previous result in 2008. He did very well but didn't have to double the Tory vote. 


She's on Tumblr at paulinepearce.tumblr.com


I think she stands a good chance based on her notoriety, but not everyone thinks so.