Designs For Olympic And Diamond Jubilee Oyster Cards Revealed

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 74 months ago
Designs For Olympic And Diamond Jubilee Oyster Cards Revealed

Limited edition Oyster cards marking the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee will be available this summer, the designs for which were revealed earlier today.

The Jubilee card (which, contrary to what one might expect, doesn't confer free travel on its namesake) features a portrait of Her Maj, while the second one celebrates some of the events taking place in the capital this summer, including the Olympics. It's graced by a cartoon cavalcade of grinning people and various other Londony symbols like Tower Bridge and, er, the Red Arrows.

250,000 Diamond Jubilee cards will be available in mid-May, while 1.5m will be ready for mid-June. Buy them for £10 (£5 deposit and £5 credit included) from Tube station in Zone 1.

So, on the Olympic design-o-meter, are these cards at the Velodrome or the Wenlock & Mandeville end of the scale?

Last Updated 27 March 2012


This is a joke, right?


The second one is kind of fun and joyful, but the queenie one looks like it was put together by some cheapo reprographics house for a low-key event in Basingstoke.


I love the border effects from word 2003. always use those. Maybe more drop shadow?


Poor Queenie! The Oyster card print looks like it should be on a cheap mug in some tacky tourist curios shop.


"will be available in mid-March" I think you mean "mid-May" as it says in the source.


Poor design

Mrs HC

At least there's a cupcake on it.  And I don't mean Her Maj.


Is there a portrait of Boris on the other side?


What in the second image says "Olympics"?

Stuart Sunley

Er yeah, they're clearly both Jubilee-themed, there's nothing Olympic-related on there.

Henry Cruickshank

What's the relevance of the table tennis bat in the top right hand corner? Are we missing a trick here? 


I think Henry just answered Stuart and Ben's questions.


The second one - without the queen - is it the winner of a children's art competition?


A nice idea, but I am not overly impressed with the designs.  The second one should have had more obvious Olympic items on it - e.g. those children standing in front of the Palace could have been holding the Olympics rings.  Oh well, at least they will be cheap-ish collectors' items.


What about cheaper fares ??


Hi, I am desperate to get hold of a London 2012 Olympic limited edition Oyster card. Where can I get hold of one? Thanks.


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who designed this? is it a child's drawing on the side?