Art Review: Two Exhibitions @ Panter & Hall

Tabish Khan
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Art Review: Two Exhibitions @ Panter & Hall

Panter & Hall are currently displaying works by two landscape artists specialising in the effects of light, but using two contrasting styles.

John Brenton: Kernewek Arvor

Brenton imparts energy into his works with vivid splashes of colour. At close range, his paintings appear to be a jumble but step back and the hidden scenery reveals itself. His style is modern Impressionism and 'Twilight stream' does an excellent job of capturing a forest as sunlight filters through it.

The paintings are all of Brenton's native Cornwall (show title Kernewek Arvor is Cornish for Cornish coast) and if you've visited that part of the country then some of his paintings may feel familiar to you.

Victoria Orr Ewing: Scottish Skies

From one end of the UK to the other. Orr Ewing has chosen a   Romantic interpretation of  Scotland. The sky dominates in many of her paintings with the Rule of Thirds intentionally broken, and the scenery on the ground often appearing as a seeming afterthought.

The soft, flowing lines make the skies come to life but they seem more calming than tumultuous. This being Scotland, there are the obligatory stormy skies but the majority of Orr's paintings are  more enveloping and escapist than foreboding.

Both exhibitions are on display at Panter & Hall, 27 Bury Street, SW1Y 6AL until 13 April. Entrance is free.

Last Updated 28 March 2012