Preview: Speed Listening Night @ The White Horse, Hoxton

By Doron Last edited 83 months ago
Preview: Speed Listening Night @ The White Horse, Hoxton

Welcome to the age of musical speed-dating, readers. The way we're looking at it, basically, is as an opportunity to form loin-locking or romantic entanglements (or, lord knows, maybe even both!) over what the organisers of Speed Listening Night at the White Horse in Hoxton this Thursday are referring to as "blitz dj-ing" rounds.

So this is the deal: you bring your (fully charged!) mp3 player as well as your headphones and, faced with a complete stranger, foist your favourite song (or indeed the song that you think would make you seem cool/intelligent/alternative — delete as applicable) on said stranger whilst they do the same to you, in the hope that your respective aural taste-buds might click in musical harmony.

On paper this sounds like a brilliant idea. In reality? Well, we reckon it might also work brilliantly in practice. Let's face it, music — as Madonna once said — makes the people come together. Madonna knows her stuff. Well, perhaps apart from when it comes to directing films. But this is a contentious point and we're digressing. Besides, quite a lot of us might like artists that none of our friends are into, so even if this endeavour doesn't get you a date, there's still a plausible chance you might meet a like-minded gig buddy.

In an ideal world, love should be blind (though not deaf, in this instance), but we would suggest dressing up for the occasion. Also — choose your tunes well. First impressions are important. What's a well-chosen tune? That all depends on your personality. But, ultimately, if you've thought it over and you want to be represented by a rare Smiths b-side or a Saturdays album track, who's to say you nay?

Doors open at 7pm with the fun kicking off at 8pm. And after you've done your bit of DJ-dating, there'll be some general mingling and dancing to be done from 10pm onwards. For ticket information click hither.

We'd also love to hear what you plan to or would otherwise play to prospective dates on this or a theoretical Speed Listening night so be sure to leave us a comment with your choon-of-choice.

Last Updated 07 February 2012