Plans For Middlesex Hospital Site Approved

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 75 months ago
Plans For Middlesex Hospital Site Approved

Westminster council has given the go-ahead for a new project on the site of the old Middlesex hospital in Fitzrovia.

Mostly torn down a few years ago, save for the listed chapel and the western facade, the site of the former hospital has remained in limbo after a controversial Candy Brothers scheme, Noho Square, was cancelled due to financial troubles.

The new building, pictured above with the re-developed western wall, is a little on the bland side, though preferable to the scuppered Candy cheme. It will have 300 homes, a sixth of them designated as affordable, along with restaurants, shops and offices, a primary care facility, and an educational centre.

Last Updated 11 February 2012

Conrad Roth

Good God that's dull. Can't anyone design anything with any flair or elegance any more?

Tony Woolf

Agreed 100% Conrad.  Probably partly the cost, it looks like a cut and paste job from standard parts.  But the near side, in shadow in the picture, is just a mess.  This is a very prominent Central London site, it's a great shame to have such a nothing building.

Dean Nicholas

It is bland, agreed. Preferable to the Noho Square mess. But still boring and unimaginative.


Developers are largely about squeezing square-footage out of land and money. The idea is to make as much space as possible as cheaply as you can get away with. Since they pay the architect's bills, we often wind up with tripe.

steve overbury

The architects are probably in a Georgian terrace


My father worked at Middlesex Hospital throughout World War 2 and I have hazy memories of the place. There was an exhibition of paintings featuring nurses from the early days of the hospital at the National Gallery a couple of years ago.  Maybe the architects could refer to these paintings as I remember the building looking very attractive - some link with the past should be maintained.