Negotiate Leap Year Proposals With Help From Hendrick's Gin

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Negotiate Leap Year Proposals With Help From Hendrick's Gin

If marriage is on your mind, Hendrick's Gin are on hand to help you through the rest of February - or as they're calling it, the Unusual Month of Reverse Courtship.

The extra day of a leap year is traditionally when a woman can propose to a man without fear of being branded forward, desperate or any other such outdated concepts.  Ahead of this 29 February, Hendrick's Gin keep their fin de siecle tongue firmly in their retro cheek, bringing the School for Scoundrels and Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest to London on 20 February to prepare trembling ladies and fearful men for the big day.

Esteemed Hendrick's Professors will guide you and your guest "through the Prism of Opportunity or Fearful Day (whichever way you see it) and allow you to put into good practice all that you have learned in a MOST INTRIGUING EVENING of ENCOUNTERS… " Whether you're a woman pondering a proposal, or a gent wondering how to deal with one, a stiff drink and some top tips on the art of WOO and ANTI-WOO could be useful.

Plus, a complimentary cocktail will definitely make negotiating the marriage minefield easier. Watch this video for a taste of the sort of courtship cunning to be acquired.

Visit Hendrick's Gin for more info and the Reverse Courtship page now to apply for a place at the School which is in London for one day only on Monday 20 February at The Lonsdale.

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Last Updated 14 February 2012