London Underground Looks Pretty When Speeded Up

By jamesup Last edited 75 months ago
London Underground Looks Pretty When Speeded Up

Last night's Tube documentary, well... It didn't quite deliver the earth-shattering exposé promised. So the London Underground is old, full, expensive to maintain — and, yes — Londoners can be a bit mean sometimes, particularly when they are tipping out of the pub. Don't hold the front page...

But never fear — Garreth Carter has made another documentary about the Tube, and like a good Londoner has concentrated on how gosh-darn pretty it is when you speed it up to some funky music. Enjoy.

Last Updated 03 February 2012


I really like the idea and I love the music. However, I feel like the camera work could have been better. Some of the scenes would have looked so much better with a steadier camera.

Some great moments in there though. Well done!

Winstanf (Frank)

What a wonderful piece of film! Brilliant editing and concept, and really captures the dynamism of London. I find it quite breathtaking. Great music too! (Could someone please identify the track?)


Having lived in London as a student and throught out my twenties and now back in the West Country this film found very reminiscent. I actually found myself missing that hellish 2 hour tube journey to work! Brilliant piece of film, actually makes me want to go back and visit the wonderfully diverse city. This should be the Undergrounds advert!!


Being born and bred in London and using the tube regularly I feel that his film captures the real spirit of the City  and its people. 


Excellent!! I miss London so much. It's the greatest city in the world!