Art Review: Royal Society of British Artists @ Mall Galleries

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 72 months ago
Art Review: Royal Society of British Artists @ Mall Galleries

The 295th annual exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists brings together hundreds of contemporary works. It's dominated by landscape paintings, but there are portraits and sculptures on display as well.

The artists represented here are clearly very talented and some are still studying, with one gallery dedicated to A-level students – though you can't tell from the quality of their work.

The artworks clearly draw inspiration from sources as varied as Impressionism, Hockney, Canaletto and Freud. Some notable paintings are George Devlin’s ‘Grand Canal’ that mimics the style of Pissaro’s ‘Boulevard Montmartre’, and Steven Outram’s foggy landscapes.

All of the art is on sale with some available  for as little as a couple of hundred pounds – as low a price as you’ll find for quality original art.

Though many of the paintings exhibited are impressive and might be ideal for your living room wall, there is nothing here that strikes us as radically different or daring.

The Royal Society of British Artists: Annual exhibition is on at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, SW1Y 5BD until 10 March. Admission is £2.50, £1.50 for concessions.

Last Updated 29 February 2012


I suppose that depends on what you call radically different and daring? Could something be radically daring but just down right bad? Or doesn't that matter? Why don't you try going to these things with a radically daring different view, instead of your preconceived notions of what art is and your reeled off preconceived soundbites for the culture of youth?