Wenlock Arms Saved!

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 76 months ago
Wenlock Arms Saved!

The Wenlock Arms is saved! The beloved pub was threatened with being torn down to make way for a block of flats, but Hackney Council have stepped in a second time to protect the building.

The Council rejected planning permission in October, stating the pub has

historical value and architectural character and adds positively to the local distinctiveness of the area

yet the property owners, evidently determined to go ahead, served a notice for demolition anyway. So the Council have extended the Regent's Canal conservation area, in effect awarding the Wenlock listed status, affording councillors the power to block any proposals for demolition.

The campaign to save the pub, open since 1836 and recipient of many awards, reached the Evening Standard, CAMRA and Al Murray in his Pub Landlord guise, filming Compete for the Meat.

Photo by Dave Haste

Last Updated 06 January 2012

Wenlock Warrior

I helped save this pub through audacious letter writing :)  Many thanks to Boris Johnson (soon to be Twice Mayor of London :), Jules Pipe (most excellent Mayor of Hackney), Eric Pickles (MP & Communities Secretary), and the lovely people involved in planning at Hackney & London City Hall, including Rachael Rooney, Heidi Stokes, and Rebecca Anderson.

People of London - keep pushing for the streets and neighbourhoods that you want to live in!  There are people who will help you, and between us we can overcome those who would destroy our favourite places for their own selfish reasons.


i just went to have a pint & the pub has closed down