Get Covered In Mud With Survival London @ Battersea Power Station

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Last Updated 30 December 2011

Get Covered In Mud With Survival London @ Battersea Power Station

Hands up who fancies getting completely smothered in mud?

This Londonista trekked beyond Zone 2 to Nottingham last year for the grandly-titled 'Survival Of The Fittest' 10k. Imagine a 10 kilometre run, but laid out on an assault course. You run, climb over something, run, climb under something, run, climb through something, run, swim a river, and somehow keep going. That's when the finish-line finally comes into welcome sight.

Unfortunately, it's a few feet *behind* a huge Wall, and you have to find some way of getting your now rather heavy, soggy body over it using limbs that feel as tired and worn as an Eastenders Xmas special (the Wall is so big it's capitalised). It takes 3 attempts to get over it, but by that stage you just know that, no matter what, you're getting past that bloody thing even if you have to dig underneath it. Or burn it down, like in an Eastenders Xmas special.

2012's runs have been announced, including one in London on 17 November. The London day 10k is around Battersea Power Station (planning permission permitting - you never know with BPS!), and through to Battersea Park where most of the running element takes place.

But the real innovation this year is that there's an additional, shorter 5k version, later in the evening. The idea of running through the Power Station, skips full of muddy water and the windscreens of smashed-up cars is already tough. But doing this in darkness or under the occasional floodlight, makes this something worth trying before the Health and Safety Executive find out about it.

You can enter both the 10k and 5k for a reduced rate, if you're a complete loon. Prices rise from 1st January so if this video from last year tempts you to sign up, do it now.

If you join me in the night run (I'm in Wave 2), then get yourself a head-torch (£2 on Amazon) or borrow one from any friends who are miners. Oh, and while it's for Mens' Health, it's for both men and women. Basically, as long as you're into mud-smothering, you're in.

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