Comedy/Talks Preview: PLEB Talks

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 85 months ago
Comedy/Talks Preview: PLEB Talks

The world is in crisis. Every nation is looking at someone else to solve it. PLEB Talks thought: fuck it, let's get four comedians in and see what they'd do.

PLEB talks is a roving lecture series in secret locations — you're emailed the meeting point 48 hours beforehand (or when you book, if you're taking a chance on there being tickets left less than 48 hours in advance) — that tackles one issue per evening. They've already covered the meaning of life with Tom Adams, Tom Bell and Dr. George Ryegold, and school-ish lessons in life with Simon Munnery, Keiran and the Joes, Mae Martin and Nick Sun.

Next Thursday, Rich Fulcher, Thom Tuck, Lou Sanders and Gareth Morinan will be tackling the tricky subject of the global crisis somewhere in the heart of the City. Who knows, maybe they'll crack it. Or maybe everyone will just get drunk instead. Either way it sounds like a lot of fun.

PLEB Talks next meets at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th December, at a location near Bank / Aldgate. Tickets cost £8 + 85p booking fee. Find out more - 'like' their Facebook page.

Last Updated 02 December 2011