What's for Lunch? Buen Provecho, Lower Marsh Street Market

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What's for Lunch? Buen Provecho, Lower Marsh Street Market

Londonist asks that most pressing of  daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

No burritos here – just fresh and delicious Mexican street food actually made on the street by actual Mexicans. Yeah, those fortunate enough to know about Buen Provecho's roadside servings at lunchtime on Lower Marsh near Waterloo Station are aware that spending around a fiver on BP's food yields a wonderous heap o' flavoursome yum. And BP regulars know that spending a bit more for a £1.50 horchata (best in town?) results in tasty and refreshing beverage value.

What to eat? Londonist ain't got nothin' but love for the tinga (chicken and chorizo cooked in a guajillo sauce) and reckons the mole is as good as you're ever gonna find it in London.

Buen Provecho doesn't seem to have its own website but is part of the eat.st collection (mentioned in this post yesterday), and a quick Google of “Buen Provecho” yields lots of online raves from London food bloggers such as this one and this one. For the time being find the BP stall during the week at the Lower Marsh Street Market, SE1 7RG,from 11am until the food runs out. Although we hear they may be moving "shop" to eat.st at King's Cross.

Photo/Chris Osburn

Last Updated 01 November 2011