Residents Call For Elephant And Castle Cycle Bypass

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Residents Call For Elephant And Castle Cycle Bypass

A group of concerned residents (disclaimer: including this reporter) have started a campaign to have an eastern cycling bypass of the Elephant and Castle roundabout system included in the planned regeneration scheme, which is currently out for consultation.

Residents and cyclists want the new development to include a direct, fast and safe cycling route, as an alternative to the roundabout – confirmed by City Hall as London's most dangerous junction for cyclists. Earlier schemes to replace the roundabout with a safer 'peninsular' junction have been abandoned by TfL who are concerned the proposal will increase congestion, making the need to provide a suitable alternative paramount.

A western signed bypass already exists, and was recently adopted as part of CS7, but the slow route, involving many twists and turns, deters people from using it. The redevelopment of the eastern side of the junction creates an opportunity to do it right.

The current regeneration scheme, led by Olympic Park developer Lend Lease and now under consultation, doesn't include a cycle bypass – a 17 storey building is proposed that will block the shortest route from ever being used. The group is asking people who traverse the Elephant by bike to get in touch with the consultation and ask for the direct bypass to be included in the planning application.

A presentation putting the case for the eastern bypass, and detailing how you can help, can be found here.

Last Updated 04 November 2011

Alexander van Terheyden

Would be amazing if they just had the balls to demolish Elephant and Castle and start again - is there any need for all this through Traffic - Why the Need for Multi lane Roads and Huge Roundabouts - get these polluting vehicles off London Roads


They did a few years ago - Sadly those balls were mislaid around 2008. Check out for an excellent account of the history.


I remember the Elephant and Castle when it was known as THE PICCADILLY OF SOUTH LONDON - when there were cinemas and theatres and people came here to enjoy themselves.

Then the URBAN DEVELOPERS with no soul or heart got their hands on it and turned it into a ROUNDABOUT with the ugly shopping mall that was SUPPOSED to be one that would inspire over areas and cities. Instead the area got trashy ugly buildings using grizzly materials that are an offense to the eye .... all set to the noise pollution of roaring traffic.

What care was there given to the pedestrian? To the old who have trouble crossing roads and who are fearful of walking through the urine-drenched subways? Where is the kindness of society?

The Elephant is filled with history that has been forgotten - here Charlie Chaplin was born and who deserves better than that cheap ugly pub ........ here MICHAEL FARADAY was born (who???? LOOK HIM UP!!!) ...... AND ...... here too is the church of CHARLES HADDON SPURGEON (who??? Perhaps the most famous preacher of ALL-TIME, but who has been mostly forgotten by today's society, but still remember throughout the world!!!).

It is time that a DECENT and ATTRACTIVE Elephant and Castle RISES UP LIKE THE PHOENIX out of the dross of trashy urbanism that has blighted LONDON for so long. But obviously dross is to continue if THE SHAD is anything to go by.

What is wrong with the planners of London? What is wrong with councils and whatever the old LCC is now called? What is the Mayor doing about the ugliness that is creeping over London? Is everyone in a position of authority really so lacking in vision, in imagination and more importantly in soul?

I am glad that I am old and will perhaps not see the new and so-called re-vitalised Elephant ........... I have seen it all before!