In Pictures: Deadmau5 Live @ Milbank Tower

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In Pictures: Deadmau5 Live @ Milbank Tower


For fans of Deadmau5, last night's open air concert at Milbank Tower was a bit of dream come true (if only for slightly less than an hour). Even for those not so enamored with the offerings of the Canadian electro/house musician, the show provided plenty of neato visuals to stop them in their tracks.

Perhaps a better description of the event's location would be on Milbank Tower as each of the 120m tall building's 800 windows were covered with vinyl to receive 4D image projections via 16 projectors from across the Thames where hundreds (maybe even thousands) of folk gathered to take in the sound and visual wow of it all. Commented the performer himself from his station just about the entrance to Milbank Tower, "I wish I'd been able to see it."

The concert was free, compliments of Nokia, who staged the spectacle to celebrate the launch of the new Lumia 800 smartphone. The mobile maker was sure to get its point across too, with logo, bullets points about the new phone and other related images making their way into the projections (sometimes greeted by the crowd with boos).

Highlights from last night's concert may be seen on Nokia UK's Youtube channel.

Photos by Chris Osburn and Kemey Lafond

Last Updated 29 November 2011