Gig Preview: Little Boots Shake Launch Party

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Last Updated 30 November 2011

Gig Preview: Little Boots Shake Launch Party

Well, it looks like THE party to go to this Saturday night is Little Boots' new single launch party at an as-yet-unannounced-secret-warehouse-location-in-east-London. But don't let that tiny geographical uncertainty put you off. We think 'they' are trying to create a buzz. The plans for the actual night, at any rate, certainly sound exciting.

The Dalstonite herself has been out of the limelight for a while, working on the follow-up to her (fairly underrated, it must be said) 2009 debut, Hands. But we are pleased to report that Little Boots is most definitely back.

Earlier this month Victoria Hesketh (for that is the name on her tax returns) released Shake, the first taster from her next record, and she has just embarked on an international DJ tour which sees her taking on record-spinning duties at the Shake Launch Party, alongside the likes of James Ford, Horse Meat Disco and Kris Di Angelis, to name but a few.

Here, Little Boots tells Londonist what she's been doing recently and a little bit more about what we can expect from Saturday night's extravaganza.

You've not done much resting on laurels since wrapping up the campaign for “Hands”...
It's been busy. I've been all over the place, really, writing and recording lots in London, in France and in America. And I've been doing a worldwide DJ tour, which has been a real whirlwind.

Where have you just come back from?
Beijing, which was really good. It was strange going somewhere so different and seeing so many people knowing your songs. It was amazing.

Why did you decide to perform in a DJ capacity on this tour?
Well, I guess it's a lot more practical, for a start. It's a lot easier because it's just me going round the world rather than 8 people. And I think that for the new single it made sense because it's such a clubby, dancefloor song. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Apart from Shake, have you been playing any other new Little Boots stuff whilst DJing?
You know, sometimes I try stuff out but it's difficult because the songs are not mixed and mastered, yet. But I have test-driven a couple of things. It's quite funny seeing whether people realise that it's me singing or not.

Is there a particular track in your DJ set that you consider a surefire crowd-pleaser?
It changes all the time, really. It's quite weird playing my own songs but I normally play remixes of them. Like the Fake Blood remix of Stuck On Repeat. And I tend to play edits of old disco stuff – Chaka Khan's one of them. And edits of Madonna songs.

The theme for your party on Saturday is black and gold. What else can we expect in terms of the night itself?
Oh I'm so excited. Lots of stuff! It's in a big warehouse which I don't think has been used much yet so we're decking it all up. I've got lots of gold balloons and decorations. We have a drag queen called Munroe Bergdorf hosting the night and adding a bit of glamour to the proceedings. All the DJs are amazing and I am so excited that everyone on the line-up agreed to get involved. There are also going to be lots of visuals by David Wilson on big projectors and special cocktails.

Do you go out clubbing much in London?
Yeah I do. But when you travel a lot and DJ a lot, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go out clubbing. And I'm notorious for sitting at home on a Saturday in front of X Factor, tweeting every five seconds...[laughs].

The are some good remixes out there for “Shake” (particularly the Crazy P remix). Do you have any interest in remixing other people’s songs yourself?
I did use to do it when I started off but I basically often re-vocal-ed them. I thought it would be an interesting thing to do. But everyone thought they were covers. So it didn't really work out.  It's something I would definitely think of going back to but maybe just do straight remixes.

Have you selected the next single from the new album, yet, and, if so, can you give us any hints?
No, I haven't. There are a few contenders. I think I need to decide pretty soon but I'm not entirely sure, yet, so I can't really say too much at this stage.

"SHAKE" is out now on 679 Recordings. For more information about the SHAKE LAUNCH PARTY visit