Comedian Interview: Steve Furst

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Comedian Interview: Steve Furst

Steve Furst, the man behind the legendary Lenny Beige is appearing this Friday, in character both as Beige and his new character Dave Pike at comedy evening 'Charlie Sheen's Big Night Out'. You may also have seen him on the small screen in his own shows for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as in Little Britain, and on the big screen in the Orange Wednesday ads.

The multi-talented Furst has also been a writer and a promoter, setting up a comedy magazine called The Heckler and various comedy nights. He helped save the famous 100 club earlier this year and, on behalf of Happiness Stan's Freedom to Party, he stood in the 1997 General Election as Lenny Beige against David Mellor and James Goldsmith to become Putney's new MP. He came sixth, garnering 101 votes.

Introduce yourself in one sentence.
Actor, writer, comic, cage-fighter.

What would someone not guess about you from having met you?
I loathe courgettes. And aubergines. They are both Satan's veg.

Give us your most awesome reason for why we should check you out rather than every other comedian out there?
I am a character comic and there are so few good ones about. What we do is not the norm and I think that makes for a better night of entertainment.

Whereabouts in London are you based?
Lancaster Gate/Bayswater.

What’s brilliant and what’s totally horrible about it?
Its central, near the park, brilliant restaurants and has an amazing mix of people. The constant coach parties of tourists.

You grew up in North London. How has your neighbourhood changed over the years?
Like everywhere in London, its been ponced up and lost much of its charm. That said, you can always get better coffee and food than you could before.

What London location has been the most significant in your life so far?
The Talk of London in the New London Theatre building where Cats was on. It was my home for Lenny Beige from 1996-2000 and was the greatest cabaret venue in town. Those nights were extraordinary

What has been your strangest gig on a London stage?
I did a gig in an old working men's club in Kentish Town. Very odd place that's long gone.

Given a very large stack of cash, which London venue would you buy and why?
I would buy back the Talk of London and return it to a cabaret venue - it's a Brazilian club now. London needs it again. Badly.

Can you think of an unusual London location that would be amazing to do a gig at?
The main chamber of the House of Commons - love to do a show there.....people sat on each side...that would be fantastic.

What other new London artists should we be checking out?
Barry from Watford is always fabulous.

And finally what’s your London secret?
My beloved Tiroler Hut on Westbourne Grove for a night you will never forget and food you will try hard to forget.

Steve will be appearing on Friday at Charlie Sheen's Big Night Out in Cotton's, Exmouth Market.

Last Updated 03 November 2011