Paralympic Sport Lowdown: Wheelchair Rugby

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Paralympic Sport Lowdown: Wheelchair Rugby

Officially known as Wheelchair Rugby, the sport popularly called Murderball is a humdinger (remember the movie?)

C4 Paralympics call it "A terrifying fusion of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, handball and rugby". Played on a basketball court with a volleyball, it's a four-a-side game but because it's mad full on, the team is refreshed by rolling substitutes from a squad of twelve. As in rugby, you score by getting across your opponent's line with the ball in your hands, smashing all opposition out of your way en-route.

These guys and their chairs are hardcore.

The USA are World Champions as well as current Paralympic gold medallists and Australia and Canada are also tasty big teams. Team GB is big on the European scene, but Sweden pipped them to gold at the European Championships last week. However, the Brits also won silver at the GB Cup in Cardiff recently, leaving Sweden in 5th and beating Japan, who are currently ranked third in the world.

Looking ahead to 2012, veteran team member, Steve Palmer says, "the team is in better shape than we've ever been and there's a great team spirit in the squad". They're clearly hungry for a podium position so it'll be no holds barred in the battle to smash their way to the goal line.

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Last Updated 14 October 2011