Health And Safety Fears Force St Paul's To Close

By Lindsey Last edited 152 months ago

Last Updated 21 October 2011

Health And Safety Fears Force St Paul's To Close

In a move "unprecedented in modern times", St Paul's has been forced to close due to health and safety concerns arising from the Occupy London protest camp on its doorstep.

The Dean of St Paul's has written an open letter explaining the move, expressing delight that the protest has been peaceful and emphasising that there has been dialogue with the protestors since the protest started last weekend.

But the camp is compromising access to the Cathedral - particularly from a fire safety point of view, says the Dean - making it:

simply not possible to fulfil our day to day obligations to worshippers, visitors and pilgrims in current circumstances.

Acknowledging shared values and concerns about the creation of a more just world the Dean goes on to ask the protestors to withdraw from the camp to enable St Paul's to reopen as soon as possible.

However, a one week anniversary public address and programme is planned for Saturday.

Reaction on the Occupy the London Stock Exchange Facebook group is so far pretty mixed.