Comedy Interview: Jeremy Hardy

Rachel Holdsworth
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Comedy Interview: Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hardy's been in this stand up business for over 25 years, somehow managing to not veer off the left-wing comedy path to go write some musicals. He's a regular on Radio 4's The News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, and the documentary he made with Leila Sansour, Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army, about 2002's siege of Bethlehem, is stunning.

He's on tour at the moment, and we managed to exchange a few words before he reaches Barking on Friday.

What can we expect from this tour?

As you get older, are you ever tempted to think "sod it" and start doing comedy about cosier subjects?
God, yes.

You're a regular on Radio 4's News Quiz these days. Do you prefer live stand up or radio?
I like them both. The News Quiz because of the companionship. The live stand-up because nothing gets edited out.

Where's the best place to see comedy in London?
Blimey, I don't know. Depends if you're watching a solo show or a mixed bill. I tend to watch friends' solo shows, which usually work best in a small theatre. Small is generally better. The upstairs room at the Hobgoblin in Forest Hill is a good size for a comedy club.

Which up-and-coming comedians would you recommend we look out for?
I really wouldn't know. People who are new to me might be offended to be thought of as unestablished. But we've had some very good newcomers to the News Quiz in the last year, such as Imran Yusuf, Roisin Conaty and Bridget Christie. I especially like Bridget.

What are your favourite parts of London?
Brockwell Park and the South Bank.

And finally, are we all doomed?
Ultimately, yes.

Jeremy Hardy is at the Broadway Theatre, Barking, on Friday 7th October at 8pm, £14 / £12. You can also catch him at Colchester Arts Centre on 17th November and Harlow Playhouse on 18th November.

Last Updated 02 October 2011