What's for Lunch? Ed's Easy Diner, Soho

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What's for Lunch? Ed's Easy Diner, Soho

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

C'mon ya know you want it. A bit of American style grease served in a 1950s setting. Londonist recently elbowed up to this Soho institution for an indulgent lunch break. And by indulgent we mean a “Best of Ed's” combo plate #2 (a chilli cheese dog with fries, onion rings and coleslaw, £8.95) along with a freshly made vanilla milkshake (£3.75). The all beef hot dog was proper fast food. And the shake … ooh the shake … was a metal canister of cold milky yumminess with enough leftover in the canister for another full serving.

Beyond the mega-milkshake, it's worth noting that all portions were massive (really ordering for one and then sharing with someone should still leave most folks full) that service was speedy and friendly and that the Elvis and vintage rock n roll background music added to the streamlined comfort ambiance.

Flipping burgers and pouring milkshakes for 25 years, Ed's in Soho seems to be a perennial favourite. It's certainly been bustling each time we've paid a visit over the years. And the concept has proved popular enough to have Ed spread to three more locations in London and three others in the UK (including a newly opened franchise in Cardiff).

Ed's Easy Diner is located at 12 Moor Street at Old Compton Street, W1D 5NG.

Photo/Chris Osburn

Londonist visited Ed's Easy Diner upon invitation of the restaurant.

Last Updated 27 September 2011

Dean Nicholas

On my first (and last) visit, the staff were very rude and dismissive, and the service lazy to the point of non-existent. I won't go again. Maybe they only bother trying when the patron has visited "upon invitation of the restaurant". It's a pity that more of these reviews don't go anonymously and sample the kind of experience that the ordinary customer is likely to get.


I take it you weren't slapped with their usual minimum spend criteria then..?


Been here a few times unfortunately and the food is absolutely awful. For a decent burger try Byron.

Tom Williams

I'm a big fan of Ed's but it aint gonna please everyone. The food is mondo greasy so, yeah, if you want to do the gourmet burger thing, go to Byron or Hache. The milkshakes are the best around. Never had an issue with the service myself. Didnt know they had a min spend but wouldnt surprise me; the place is tiny so they probably can't afford to give up a table for someone just having a coffee or somesuch. 


Or you could pop across to the rather good Italian La Porchetta Polla. Probably the best pizzeria in Soho.