Video: Evening Standard Owner Punches Man On TV

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 80 months ago
Video: Evening Standard Owner Punches Man On TV

During an appearance on a Russian television show, Alexander Lebedev, owner of the Evening Standard and the Independent, has punched one of his fellow guests.

The altercation happened during a panel discussion about the state of the economy, and (for those of us not fluent in Russian) apparently flared up when Sergei Polonksy, owner of the Mirax Group, became aggressive and threatened to "stick one in the mouth". Mr. Lebedev evidently decided to deal Mr. Polonsky a dosage of his own medicine. Querulous journos angling for a pay rise at the former KGB man's London titles might want to take note.

Last Updated 19 September 2011


Daaaaaaamn, he got knocked the hell out... I can't stand people whose mouths are quick to write checks but their arses can't cash. Something tells me that these two have a history, and this was a long time coming. I'm surprised Lebedev could throw a mean punch in such tight-arse pants/jeans. Lebedev might come off as the irrational one for his actions (and I hope this is an isolated incident), but Polonsky comes off as a smug douchebag, with a little money his pocket, talking shyte like he's a tough guy. Slow your role.