Stratford City Unveils London’s Newest Impassable Cycle Lane

By jamesup Last edited 90 months ago
Stratford City Unveils London’s Newest Impassable Cycle Lane

We took our camera out to Stratford City on Saturday for a poke around (more on that later) but couldn’t wait to share this latest addition to the London cycle network with you.

Here on Montifichet Road, a new dual-carriageway swooshing along the south side of the Westfield Centre, the southern pavement has been designated as a separated cycle track; the sort of thing that lots of London cyclists are campaigning for these days, and the subject of the LCC's Mayoral Campaign to 'go Dutch' and provide separate lanes on main roads.

Sadly jobsworths at Newham or Westfield (and we're trying to find out who is to blame) have erected the sign you see above, and installed some sort of electricity service box, right in the middle of the virgin lane. We can't see this detail on the pixelated planning permission documents we found on Newham's website, which state that TfL and Newham Transport have been over the plans and have 'no objections'.

Well, we do object. We've asked Newham's Mayoral cycling advisor, Cllr Christie, to see what's gone wrong. We'll let you know...

Last Updated 19 September 2011