New Restaurant Review: Bread Street Kitchen

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New Restaurant Review: Bread Street Kitchen

Just a few steps from Jamie Oliver's Barbacoa, Gordon Ramsay Holdings' new venture at One New Change has opened in grand style. Indeed, it's hard not to be wowed upon first take of the massive multi-storey Bread Street Kitchen with its nonetheless intimate design. Think early 20th century New York bustle meets British contemporary.

The menu, seemingly taking its cue from St John and other celebrated British eateries, is equally impressive. Highlights? Crispy pig's head with green chilli mayonnaise (£8.50), poussin with chimichurri and burnt lemon (£15) and grilled Aberdeen Angus rib-eye with beef marrow (£29.50). For puds, the pineapple carpaccio with orange sorbet is a surprisingly delicious refreshing palate cleanser. But there's a lot more to one of the hardest menus Londonist has had to choose from in too long of a time.

Cocktails rock too. The Manhattan (Pikesville Rye Whiskey stirred with Angostura Bitters and vermouth, £9.50) is proper, the Dark and Stormy (£8) adheres to its correct recipe and lots of fruitier and frillier concoctions ensure all sorts of tipplers will be pleased.

Bread Street Kitchen is located at the One New Change shopping megalith with an entrance at (yep, you guessed it) 10 Bread Street, EC4M 9AB. Booking is definitely recommended for the near future, but there is a considerably large area designated for walk-ins.

Photo/Chris Osburn

Disclaimer: Londonist visited Bread Street Kitchen upon invitation of the restaurant.

Last Updated 30 September 2011