Listen Up Music Interview: Ed Sheeran

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Last Updated 12 September 2011

Listen Up Music Interview: Ed Sheeran

If you haven't heard of 20-year-old Ed Sheeran, perhaps you soon will. The singer-songwriter has spent the last three years gigging in London while staying on friends' sofas, and although his first album was only released today, he's already sold out Brixton Academy. We asked Ed about his music and London experiences.

What does the new record sound like?
The new record is a whole mix of different sounds, but it focuses around the whole singer-songwriter sound. There’s a lot of acoustic soul vibes and lots of hip-hop beats, using processed drums.

Congratulations on selling out Brixton Academy. How does that feel?
Thank you! I never expected to sell out the Brixton Academy before I had an album out, so it feels amazing. I don’t really know where to take it from here, since I don’t really want to play arenas yet, and I don’t think I’m that sort of act. So I think I’ll stay on this sort of level and play a few more Brixtons – maybe Hammersmith!

Are you nervous at playing a big venue that’s so steeped in history?
Not so much nervous, more anticipating playing - it’ll definitely be a fun night.

Whereabouts in London are you based and what’s great about the area?
I’m based all around. I’m still sofa hopping so I could be in Finsbury Park or Fulham, or Clapham, or Whitechapel, I could be anywhere! But I like every place I stay in, every single area of London has a different feel to it.

What’s your favourite London venue?
Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Can you think of an unusual London venue that should open itself up for gigs?
I don’t know if it’s still running but there was a place in Shepherd’s Bush called Ginglik, which was a converted underground toilet where they put on gigs. Last I heard they were trying to shut it down, so if that’s closed down then they should re-open it – it was wicked.

[Ginglik fought off the threat of closure in 2008 and remains open.]

What other new London bands or artists should we be checking out?
A guy called Ryan Keane, a guy called Random Impulse and a girl called Kal Lavelle.

Where in London can we see you playing next?
At the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 3rd Oct, but it’s sold out – I’m also playing two Brixton shows in January.

What’s your London secret?
If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

Ed's debut album, '+', was released today. All his forthcoming London dates seem to be sold out, but latest tour information is available on his website.