In Pictures: Sky Lounge @ Nido Spitalfields

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In Pictures: Sky Lounge @ Nido Spitalfields

As described in our January 2010 post of this then new high rise student accommodation, the views from the top of Nido Spitalfields offer a “wonderful panorama of London.” Now the 32nd and 33rd floors have been converted into a pop up Sky Lounge bar and meeting room with a stunning 270 degree visual sweep of the town.

Open to the public until April 2012 from Tuesday to Friday, 5pm-12am, reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and the venue is available for private hire.

Sky Lounge is located on the 32nd floor of Nido Spitalfields, 9 Frying Pan Alley, E1 7HS. For booking and reservations contact 07585 400 800 or

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the number is incorrect


DO NOT bother going here!! Extremely rude staff (The manager)! We had two vouchers for 4 people and a pregnant person... Obviously not drinking. He was rude when we asked if the pregnant person could have the entry waivered , but got rude sharp replies. We are a group of very polite girls. We explained that he does not need to be rude to us, even after the pregnant lady had paid and then we were refused entry! Clearly a man that felt he needed to show power! Now we have to get a refund on the vouchers and are taking our money elsewhere!


made a booking with the limited availability given by the merchant We turned up on the time of our agreed
booking, only to find that the evening had been cancelled by Jadvents
(merchant). We had not received any
correspondence or email from them to advise that it was cancelled. I struggled to get a hold of the merchant and
was sent a text message saying that ALL people affected were emailed of the cancellation
[after realising that their contact number on their website was incorrect…deliberate
ploy maybe!!). I responded and requested
that they forward evidence of this as I never received an email and other
people who had bookings also were not advised of the cancellation as they too
had turned up at Sky High only to be advised it was cancelled. I am yet to receive any evidence or apology
or anything else. We had some very important guests of some
media companies with us and they were gobsmacked!! This place should be closed down!!

would never be a client

I would like to share my personal experience with Pnoramic
restaurant at Nido, Spitafields. I booked a deal with Time Out London and immediately
booked the table a month in advance via link suggested. Confirmation went
through right away and couldn’t wait for the date to enjoy the evening. Just to
say it was a treat for my partner on our anniversary. Usually I call the same
day to confirm the reservation but for some reason I couldn’t get through any
of the numbers but I understand things happen, sometimes it gets extremely busy
so we were on the train to get to the place on 23d of August…To my huge disappointment
on the way to the place we were approached by the couple who happened to travel
all the way from Staffordshire to celebrate the special occasion as well. They
told us the place was closed today and tomorrow. Stuff and security downstairs
could not give us any explanation on this. What kind of first impression and service
restaurant presented already? We had to approach the building just to read the
note on the pillar about the closure. How hard it is to drop and e-mail to few
people about the evening? No details, no explanation was given for those particular
dates but a little barely visible note…Long story short: it cause a lot of inconvenience
to us and we had to go to the restaurant across the road which turned out to be
fantastic, but neither manager nor staff of the Panoranic at Nido contacted us
so far and apologized. No phone numbers on their website are valid, so if I
would be you I would stay away from this place and wouldn’t risk your evening.
I bet Tate Modern and Tower 42 has even better views then Panoramic.


Booked a table here a month in advance Travelled down on the day only to be told by security that the place was closed! Should have known as making the reservation was a mission and the girl I dealt with was rude! Booked this through Wowcher and cannot believe they would deal with such an unscrupulous restaurant and it's very apparent we are one of many to be duped by these people. Please do not go there!!!


Although the view is nice, We just had the worst service from the rude waitstaff and the food was mediocre at best. Never received the last course and since it was all prepaid we had no way to be reimbursed. Left feeling awful and cheated. We would never go back.


I bought a voucher from wowcher with a face value of £86, this included a 2 course meal for 2 with cocktails. I Arrived and was told a £5 suppliment per person was required, why I wasnt quite sure, took the lift to the sky lounge and was so dissapointed with the dated decor and school canteen feel, (nothing like in the pictures above) totally unglamourous! ... Then menus arrived in a very tatty state, rippered and creased, choice of 4 starters and 4 mains and these are mostly pies, vegetarian, fish and steak and kidney (god forbid those who don't like pie), I did wonder about the minimal menu but this was soon evident in the taste, clearly all microwaved and to make it worse not hot in the middle! the pastry was soggy and limp, looked for my prawns in my fish pie but clearly they were on vacation! our cocktails arrive, no choice of cockatil mind you, it just turned up! ... we didnt have dessert so I can't comment we just wanted to leave. Granted the view is good, but with the Heron tower so close offering better views there is no contest on which one I would recommend.



If you are planning to get there with a voucher they don't tell you that you can redeem it only on Wednesdays and Fridays from and only in defined time slots.
I took me 4 days and 6 emails to redeem my voucher. In fact they manage to answer emails only after 1am. The day before the booked day the sent me this email:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel you booking for Friday,
We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

No further reasons were given, nor alternative dates. Nobody answered when called to the number on the website.



I bought 2 vouchers from Wowcher and emailed 10 times to Panoramic@SkyLounge to get an appointment but now reply was given.
Then I called 3 times to Wowcher helpline to get a refund but they just ignored me.
Basically I lost £50 and don't want any more vouchers. Is there any chance to force Wowcher people to give me a refund?


Nothing good about this restaurant except views! Food is disgusting, probably made from cheapest ingrediens, clearly microwaved!! Drinks are terrible as well. It doesn't worth a pence! Staff was so incompetetive, rude and irespectful. the manager probably doesn't know how to run a business at all! The worst place in London! Never ever go there!!