BNP Picks Uruguayan Mayoral Candidate

By Jonn Last edited 93 months ago
BNP Picks Uruguayan Mayoral Candidate

On 8th September Londonist reported that the BNP had chosen Carlos Cortiglia as its candidate for the mayoral election. In our report we quoted a 2003 interview with La Nacion, Argentina’s leading conservative newspaper, in which he claimed to have volunteered to fight against Britain during the Falklands war.

Cortiglia has now been in contact to set the record straight. The country’s military records show that there was no one of the name Carlos Cortiglia who fought in the war, he points out. Elsewhere he has described claims that he fought in the Falklands as “left-wing lies”.

Despite his comments in La Nacion, then, it seems that Cortiglia did not in fact fight for Argentina during the war. We are happy to make this correction.

Last Updated 08 September 2011