What's Your Perfect Holiday Match?

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What's Your Perfect Holiday Match?

This is a sponsored post from Halifax Travel Money

Whether you're stuck in the city for the rest of the summer dreaming of a getaway or trying to decide where to take your late summer break, find out your perfect holiday match with the Halifax Holiday Matchmaker.

Not only will it work out - via complex algorithms and other magic - the ideal destination for you based on your Facebook profile, it offers top tips on what to do, where to eat, what things cost and what the weather's like.

And in case your Facebook profile is hopelessly out of date or the choice doesn't ring your bell, simply switch to another holiday idyll. There are 20+ destinations to browse and imagine yourself in, thanks to a neat scrapbook layout.

And if you're lucky enough to actually book some time away, there's a link straight through to Halifax Travel Money. Order £300 or more and it will be delivered to your door for free (for less than £300, it's £5). Whatever amount of travel money you want it's 0% commission.

Try the Halifax Holiday Matchmaker now.

Last Updated 23 August 2011