Inquiry Approves West Ham - Olympic Stadium Deal

Dean Nicholas
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Inquiry Approves West Ham - Olympic Stadium Deal

An independent inquiry has agreed with the decision to hand the Olympic Stadium over to West Ham United and Newham Council after the Games.

The original decision, made in February, was thrown into confusion when a murky pool of potential conflicts of interest came to light, including allegations that a director of the Olympic Park Legacy Company, who is in a relationship with a member of the West Ham board, had at least one digit dipped into the Hammers payroll pie.

The inquiry has concluded that, despite these connections, the director had no undue influence on the decision to award West Ham the stadium, one most Londoners (hapless Leyton Orient fans and perpipatetic Spurs supporters aside), agree with.

Not that all the legal hurdles have been cleared thus far: Tottenham are continuing with their legal challenge to reverse the decision, and are still fishing for a judicial review.

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Last Updated 22 August 2011