Hug London

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Hug London

Those nice people at Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre invite you to 'Hug London' tomorrow.

Not random strangers, mind. That would be weird. London itself.

Maggie's Centres are buildings that promote a positive environment for people. The fabulous orange hub at Charing Cross Hospital is a friendly, warm sanctuary for those dealing with cancer, whether patient, carer or loved one. So it was particularly upsetting for them to see buildings attacked and destroyed in the recent riots and the fallout for those affected.

Registrations for the annual fundraising Night Hike are down this year and there's a suspicion that the recent unrest has put people off.

Whether that's true or not, come out and hug London tomorrow. Join the circle round City Hall and give that wonky testicle a bit of a cuddle. Then line Millennium Bridge and give that a squeeze too before being part of the procession along the Southbank - along the Night Hike route - to raise awareness of Maggie's campaign. Then sign up and do the hike. We're not putting a Londonist team in this year but some of our lot enjoyed it so much last time, they're doing it as individuals - so it can't have been that bad!

Gather at City Hall at 12.30pm, Friday 19 August. 'Like' for updates.

Last Updated 18 August 2011