Preview: Truvia Boating Lake @ Selfridges Rooftop

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 153 months ago
Preview: Truvia Boating Lake @ Selfridges Rooftop

Ever wanted to row around a pea-green pond while quaffing a cocktail and enjoying the sights across central London? Welcome to one of the strangest boating experiences this capital has seen.

The Truvia Voyage of Discovery art installation on the roof of Selfridges is part of a marketing campaign aimed at launching a new natural sweetener onto the British market.

It has been lovingly put together by Bompas & Parr (the experience creators who love playing with their food - what would their parents say?) who have faced quite a few challenges to get this off the ground. Getting to the roof itself requires a special lift covered in classic books including Treasure Island and Fear Of Flying. The roof itself is below a specially-built platform upon which a boating lake (with twelve boats, a waterfall, a cocktail booth and a lifeguard) and a cocktail bar have been mounted.

All ticket holders get two crystals which can be exchanged by Truvia-enhanced cocktails, coffee or tea. Our tip for the boat ride is to either go solo or find someone of similar weight; even though the lake is quite shallow, we don't recommend a dip (unplanned or otherwise) in the fluorescent water.

Photo (c) Franco Milazzo

Ticket provided by Kaizo PR.

Last Updated 22 July 2011