Olympic Tickets: Bid For Tickets Tonight!

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Olympic Tickets: Bid For Tickets Tonight!

The results of the main UK Olympic ticket ballot left many empty handed and plenty more with only a fraction of what they'd hoped for and some complained that tickets had been allocated to continental European bidders, who had to be allowed access to them by law. The flipside of that is that UK buyers have access to all EU based allocations and astute ticket hunters have been turning attention to agencies from Spain to Finland in hopes of salvaging their Olympic attendance hopes.

Many countries initially sold their allocations only in combination with flights or package tours, but in several cases they have suddenly abandoned this and put the tickets on open sale, first come - first served. The latest country to make seats available is Slovakia, whose tickets go on sale this very evening at 11pm BST. You've got some work to do  as there are two order forms to fill in, both published in Slovakian. We're pleased to say though that help is very much at hand.

An Olympic ticket buying community has emerged on Twitter with people swapping whatever snippets of information they could glean. The lynchpin has been BBC reporter James Pearce who continues to broadcast vital updates to his 15,000 followers. He's discovered much useful information through his own connections, but several others have waded in to the debate with vital reports and become themselves essential to follow, including volshy, MarkJISC, gm2tg, LukeFritz64, JoshMcStay, matthew_gabb and nmdouglas.

Neil Douglas, the man behind that last moniker, has gone even further and produced an indispensable guide to each and every country that has an allocation that can be bought by Brits, including current availability and how to apply. His Slovakia page contains links to their joint Olympic ticket agents and full details of how to apply tonight, including the tickets available and English translations of the order forms. Get over to his site right away, and the best of British luck to all of you!

Last Updated 31 July 2011