New App To Clear Up London's Rubbish

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New App To Clear Up London's Rubbish

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Any Junk.

Getting rid of bulky junk in London can be a pain. Many of us don't have cars, and you can't exactly wheel a spent sofa to the local waste centre on your bike. Help is now at hand courtesy of the new AnyJunk iPhone application.

Here's how it works. Simply record a video of the waste you want collecting, then arrange a collection time through the app. Any Junk, the UK's largest company dealing in removal of household rubbish, will respond with a quote, and then come and collect your unwanted stuff. Using video in this way allows you to get a quote before committing to the removal.

Any Junk will take away old furniture, clothes, bric-a-brac, broken appliances, office equipment, refurbishment waste and builders’ rubble and garden refuse.

Watch a demo video below:

The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

Last Updated 24 July 2011

Joe Dunckley

uhm. don't councils already do this, and for free? southwark took away our old sofa. you can even book online...

Nate Gains

My council does this too. Free for some items, very small charge for others and a lot easier to book and more upfront about costs than the website featured here.

How many sponsored posts can we expect per week then now? Can they be marked a bit more conspicuously too please?


The service really depends on what you need taking away, councils will take some items but not others


Hi everyone,

All councils provide a cheap or free bulky waste collection service to residents but it is typically restricted to certain types of items (eg. furniture), takes a week or so to get a collection, and has no specific arrival time (so you need to put all the junk outside in advance). 
Our service is more comprehensive and easier – but it costs a little more.  We take any sort of waste (including DIY, garden and builders’ waste), we can typically respond within 48 hours, our teams do all the loading for you (we collect from anywhere inside or outside the premises), and we offer 2 hour windows to avoid you having to wait around all day.  We also make every effort to reuse or recycle with an average of more than 80% of what we collect avoiding landfill.    

Our service isn’t for everyone, but if you’re short of time or don’t fancy the hassle and cost of hiring a skip – then AnyJunk might be something to consider.

Sorry if we’ve come across as a sponsored advertising villain!  All we’re trying to do is make people aware of our new i-phone app, which makes getting a quote from us a bit easier ;)


I Downloaded App. Just need to record a video of the waste we want collecting, then arrange a collection time through the app.

Cool Application!! Great Job.


Really a cool app.

A great effort and initiative by AnyJunk.

Must be an inspiration to other removal companies.



Scarlett Fletcher

In our technological society is necessary for a company to have some kind of app or at least company website. I really loved the idea for this app.