London Stand Up And Sketch Comedy: 5-11 June

Rachel Holdsworth
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London Stand Up And Sketch Comedy: 5-11 June

Our choice of where to find funny this week

Sunday: We've often (OK, sometimes) pondered the preponderance of comedians called Tom. Basden, Craine, Wrigglesworth, Bell... some or all or none of these may be appearing at tom:foolery at Leicester Square Theatre (7.30pm, £8), a night only for comedians called Tom. T(h)om Tuck hosts.

Monday: The Behemoth - sketch comedy from John-Luke Roberts and Nadia Kamil - do a full Edinburgh preview at After School Club (Camden Head, 8.30pm, £5). You also get new, off-the-wall, material from Holly Burn, Stephen Hill and Phil O'Shea, as Chris Coltrane tries to keep order / dishes out cake.

Tuesday: Two picks for today because we just can't decide. Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown is a night of two halves - the first is straight up comedy from Pappy's with their usual joyful silliness, plus guests, but the second half airs everyone's flatshare grievances in a panel show. If you can't catch it in person at the New Red Lion (8pm, £6), there'll be a podcast.

Alternatively, Humphrey Ker hosts an excellent line up at the 100 Club: Miles Jupp, Kevin Eldon, Arnab Chanda and Doc Brown (7.30pm, £10).

Wednesday: We like Ava Vidal's take-no-prisoners attitude. Tonight at Lowdown at The Albany she wonders why she finds apologising so difficult - we can't wait to see her take on it. Caroline Mabey is also doing her world record-breaking attempt to keep quiet for a minute (8pm, £6).

Thursday: If you'd rather see Penny Dreadful Humphrey Ker preview his Edinburgh show as opposed to hosting duties (see Tuesday), head to Wimbledon Studios for Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher! And in a telly twofer, you also get Holly Walsh previewing her Hollycopter (7.45pm, £10).

Friday: Henning Wehn's sold out run at the Betsey Trotwood suggests to us he's outgrowing the smaller venues. Chiswick's Headliners takes 250 so you've got more chance of a ticket. Also on the bill are Paul Thorne, Rainer Hersch and Ian Stone - same line up tomorrow, too, but with Jo Caulfield instead of Ian Stone (9pm, £12).

Saturday: A new comedy club launches in Covent Garden - 7 on Red in Earlham Street. Andrew Lawrence, Scott Capurro, Josh Howie and White Van Man writer Adrian Poynton grace the first night (8.30pm, £15 / £20 / £25 dinner + comedy).

Let us know about intelligent, alternative, friendly new comedy gigs, clubs and shows around Town:

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