Flhip Flhop @ New Diorama Theatre

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Last Updated 01 June 2011

Flhip Flhop @ New Diorama Theatre

Two blokes. In Dave's plush new flat. Messing around with his stuff while ostensibly painting the walls and doing up the place. It's not the most scintillating, breathtaking premise for a theatre piece but when the two blokes in question are the champion breakdancers of Rannel Theatre with a nice sideline in visual, slapstick comedy then the whole set-up becomes an irresistible comic gem. It's Buster Keaton bustin' moves and doing some very funny audio mash-ups at the same time.

Matt moans about his terrible evening out with Jess, while Joey casually illustrates all the details with aptly named chocolate bars. Dave's iClick (it's better than an iPod) has an 'accident' which sets off a brilliant set piece known as Sleeveface. Joey discovers he can be Daft Punk if he sings through a tube tucked under the sink. And can Joey convince Matt that there are better ways of wooing back Jess than doing the Funky Monkey Teapot on the dancefloor?

The highlights of Flhip Flhop are too difficult and numerous to describe in words - it's a must-see show in the sense that you have to see it to fully appreciate the comic brilliance, beatboxing and breakdancing bravado of this one hour show. Matt Bailey and Joey D are a winsome pair if a little unsteady when it comes to the 'acting' bits; it's inevitable to feel like you're just waiting for the next pratfall and musical shape-throwing set piece. But when those set pieces come, it's hard not to cheer, whoop and jump up and down with sheer delight.

You have until Saturday 4 June to see Flhip Flhop - see it!

Flhip Flhop at New Diorama Theatre, for tickets and more information go to the New Diorama Theatre website.