Art In A Former Bin Store: Slipstream @ Peckham Space

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Art In A Former Bin Store: Slipstream @ Peckham Space

The old bin store outside Peckham Library was transformed into a local art space last year. The bright white and green hut sits snug under the canopy and opens with a modest sweeping staircase onto the square, which is just begging for an alfresco cafe or ice cream van to park up and encourage locals to flaneur on the concourse and drop by the gallery.

With a remit to work with community groups, Peckham Space is currently home to Slipstream, a film project about the vanished North Peckham Estate. Built in the early 70s and demolished by the early noughties the North Peckham Estate became infamous as a sink estate and as the scene of the killing of Damilola Taylor. But it is also remembered as home to hundreds of Peckhamites and for its extraordinary maze of elevated walkways. David Cotterrell's installation uses an 'sexacopter' to film a fly-through of long gone journeys through the former estate and examine the landscape and how it has changed from this raised vantage point.

Accompanying the fly-through is a screen displaying a Google Earth map on which the route of the estate's walkways are highlighted and the progress of the flying eye is tracked simultaneously. A further layer of virtual memory is then overlaid, mapping former residents' stories along the way, making this an invaluable and unique piece of local history.

People with memories of the North Peckham Estate are invited to drop by Peckham Space for a cuppa and to contribute their stories.

This behind the scenes video shows how they got the camera got up in the air.

Slipstream is at Peckham Space until 30 July 2011. Admission is free.

Last Updated 12 June 2011