Security Under Scrutiny For Obama Visit

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Security Under Scrutiny For Obama Visit

Security measures in London look to be stepped up for US President Barack Obama’s state visit to Britain later this month.

The three-day trip starting on 24th May was announced back in February, but in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan the current threat level of ‘severe’ may be reviewed over increased fears of al-Qaeda revenge attacks. Obama will meet his opposite number Prime Minister David Cameron as well as popping in for tea and a short stay with Her Maj. The Met are being typically close-mouthed about security arrangements though we don’t think that bomb-proof tunnels and coconut evacuations would feature on the list for London.

In entertainment news, film fans could be watching America save the day if a Hollywood film of the raid in which bin Laden was killed goes ahead – presumably the finer details of what actually happened in the raid won’t matter too much.

Photo by Simon-K

Last Updated 04 May 2011