'Extreme Unboxing' At High Speed On The Thames

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'Extreme Unboxing' At High Speed On The Thames

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Samsung GALAXY SII

You know all about Extreme Sports. You've seen Extreme Ironing. Now, behold, 'Extreme Unboxing' as Gareth Beavis from Techradar.com unboxes the new Samsung GALAXY SII aboard a RIB, zipping down a choppy Thames.

Watch as he struggles to demonstrate the phone without dropping it in the river or being sick! See The O2 recede as he composes himself, bumping and dipping through waves. Spot Canary Wharf thrusting into the blue sky. Say hello to Tower Bridge! Witness Gareth's palpable relief as the boat slows down and stops on the flat, sunny river with no harm done to the brand new device.

Last Updated 06 May 2011