Donate Your Unwanted Books To Oxfam

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 93 months ago
Donate Your Unwanted Books To Oxfam

There's just over a week left to give your unwanted books to Oxfam's Donation Drive. They're aiming to collect 330,000 books across the country, which might sound a lot but it's a mere 30,000 more than last year's total. If, unlike the Prime Minister, your shelves contain more books than DVDs you're bound to have some volumes that you will never read again. You might as well give them to a good cause.

Oxfam reckon 330,000 books will raise around £500,000 for their work around the world - one calculation has worked out that 50 books = 1 cow, which is quite a visual image.

The Donation Drive isn't just for the benefit of people in poverty. July sees the annual Bookfest, with all kinds of events and those lovely donated books, piled high and ready for you to browse and fill your shelves right up again.

Last Updated 27 May 2011