Theatre Review: Hotel Confessions

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Last Updated 07 April 2011

Theatre Review: Hotel Confessions


Londonist is delighted that you chose The Building Site Theatre Company's production of  Hotel Confessions at Bermondsey Square Hotel for your evening's entertainment. This intimate double-bill of short, site-responsive new plays is performed in room 509 of this chic boutique hotel just south of Tower Bridge, to audiences of no more than 10 at each performance. The plays are The Night in the Hotel by Anouke Brook and Freya & Mr Mushroom by Nessah Aisha Muthy, both directed by Anouke Brook. This unique offer is only available until 24 April, early booking is advised due to the small number of places per show.  Please take a moment to describe your experience of Hotel Confessions, your feedback is important to us.

1. How would you rate your overall experience of Hotel Confessions?

The Shining  √        Room 1408 √        The Hotel Inspector          Fawlty Towers  √

2. What did you think of the room?

Trendy  √        Too small          Comfortable  √        Too big          Okay for 2 people but a squeeze for 12 plus sound technician  √        Boring          Sexy  √        Luxurious  √       A bit functional, a bit luxurious Functional

3. What did you think of The Night in the Hotel?

Could see the ending a mile off          Intriguing  √        Sinister  √        Unsettling  √        Slapstick comedy          Absurd √         Definitely saw some influence of German Expressionism  √        I would consider sharing a room with a stranger after seeing this          I would NEVER consider sharing a room with a stranger after seeing this  √

4. What did you think of Freya and Mr Mushroom?

Grown men should not play with young girls alone in hotel rooms  √        I do not want to know what is in Mr Mushroom's suitcase          Unsettling  √        Upbeat          Direct and straightforward          Elusive and enigmatic  √        Like a Willy Loman of pure evil crossing paths with one of the twins from The Shining √        Brilliantly sinister  √        Too short          Too long          Just right  √

5. Please add any other comments you would like to share about what you thought of Hotel Confessions:

"I would highly recommend Hotel Confessions to anyone looking for a theatre experience with a difference, and for anyone curious to see inside an excellent London hotel. The quality of the writing, acting and direction surpasses the gimmick of being staged in a real hotel room, but is obviously helped by the setting. Book now for a ticket, I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did."