Protesters Set To Occupy Trafalgar Square This Weekend

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 94 months ago
Protesters Set To Occupy Trafalgar Square This Weekend

This looks like it could be a regular thing - protesters are organising another occupation of Trafalgar Square for this Saturday evening / Sunday, following last weekend's camp-out with sessions run by the Really Free School.

The idea started in response to arrests / fighting in the Square during an occupation after the TUC March (accounts on what happened on 26th March differ). About 30-50 protesters headed down to Trafalgar Square last Saturday, sleeping out - with zero arrests. They're trying to keep up the pressure on the government over cuts (a sort of weekend Brian Haw?), though Vince Cable is quite clear the government couldn't give a bugger - speaking in response to the huge TUC demo, he said:

"No government - coalition, Labour or any other - would change its fundamental economic policy simply in response to a demonstration of that kind."

So that's everyone told.

The main problem for the Trafalgar Square camp is now probably working out how to deter those set on a ruck, particularly as awareness of the action grows.

Photo by Gaz-zee-boh from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 07 April 2011