GIG TONIGHT: Crystal Stilts @ Cargo

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GIG TONIGHT: Crystal Stilts @ Cargo

Brooklyn one time two-piece and now five-piece noisepoppers/ rock-and-rollers/ shoegazers and Vivian Girls buddies Crystal Stilts play Cargo tonight.

We're excited about being introduced to some new tracks from the new album "In Love With Oblivion" coming out 11th April, following the 2008 debut "Alight of Night".

Fingers crossed for noise, distortion, ambience and a low light for the atmosphere to be properly set. Recent album “Alight of Night” is a consistent, unpretentious and predictable album in the best possible way. It cleverly combines and balances moods, is melancholic without being depressing, jolly without being over excited, and is the perfect winter album, which you can listen to all through summer.

A sneak peek of the forthcoming album is available through their first single "Through the Floor" and sounds a lot like their first album. The unpolished sound of guitars, voice and keyboard are back, and with it the promise of the perfect summer album which you can listen to all through spring.

Their music can be heard here, tickets are £10 from the venue. Though it looks like it might be sold out. Fingers crossed for returns.

By Luisa C

Last Updated 30 March 2011