How To Claim A Refund For Delays On The Tube

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How To Claim A Refund For Delays On The Tube

The BBC reports today that we're putting up with millions of delayed tube journeys and not claiming the compensation we're entitled to. The Liberal Democrats, who requested the information from TFL, blamed lack of awareness of the refund scheme for this inaction. Jumping into public service mode, here's our handy 4-step guide to claiming a refund for delayed tube journeys:

1. Was your journey delayed by 15 minutes or more? If it was for reasons within TFL's control you are entitled to a refund. Bear in mind that security alerts, "third party action" or bad weather are reasons beyond their control but if you're not clear what's going on at the time, claim anyway.

2. When it happens, kill some time making a note of what time it is and where you are i.e. between which stations, or at which station, going where on which line. If you bought a paper ticket do not give it up at the ticket gates when you finally get there. Keep hold of your ticket and ask staff to let you out.

3. When you get to your destination, remember that you must claim within 14 days of the delayed journey so do it ASAP or you'll forget. It's easy to complete this form online. You'll just need your Oystercard number and those notes you made on the train. If you bought a paper ticket and kept it (well done you) download and print off the hard copy form and send it off.

4. TFL will issue you with a voucher matching what you paid for the "single delayed journey". Or they'll write to you explaining why you didn't qualify for a refund.

Either way, well done you for not doing nothing.

Thanks to @martingreaves for remind us that iPhone users can use the Tube Refund iPhone app as soon as they get back above ground.

Read TFL's general policy on refunds. Note that the same terms apply for DLR but for London Overground the delay must be of 30 minutes or more.

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Last Updated 09 March 2011