Bennett Oyster Bar & Brasserie Opens in Battersea

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Bennett Oyster Bar & Brasserie Opens in Battersea

Self appointed “innovative new food emporium”, Bennett Oyster Bar & Brasserie, opened this week on Battersea Square. In addition to the bar and brasserie, there's a shop selling seafood, “traditional British fayre”, fine wine and Champagne, fresh flowers, organic fruit and veg and a variety of fresh baked goods.

There for the launch of this newbie venture, Londonist thought the dining space was equally elegant and convivial without pretension (think Paris brasserie charm with more than a healthy dash of proper London pub-iness). We very much enjoyed sampling Bennett's assortment of oysters, mini steak and kidney pies and an assortment of seafood dishes. Ruinart champers was a welcome quaff as well, and cocktails were nice enough (unconvinced by the not terribly Bloody Marys though). As for the store, it appeared lovely and well stocked to be sure, but we can't vouch on the quality and prices.

Happy to recommend to oyster lovers and their ilk, Bennett Oyster Bar & Brasserie is located at 4 - 9 Battersea Square, SW11 3RA. Expect to pay 12 to 15 quid for a meal. Find out more at

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Londonist visited Bennett Oyster Bar & Brasserie upon invitation of the restaurant.

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I excitedly tried Bennetts Oyster Bar for lunch last week.
Unfortunately my steak pudding was cold in the middle. Very cold.
Rather than give me a new one, they chucked it in the microwave and brought it back out.
If they want to compete for the tastes of the Battersea locals,
they'll have to do a lot better than microwave food.



Sorry to hear that but thanks for sharing your experience with us.

It would be interesting to know if anyone else has had similar or very different experiences.



Oh how weird! I went on Saturday and the steak pudding was really good, was really impressed, lovely to have a good quality local in Battersea finally!!


Well, there ya go! Whatever the case with the pies, I'll vouch for the oysters (and the Ruinart!).


The food was good but not good enough to cancel out the atrocious service! We waited 55 minutes to place our food order. In the meantime they got our cocktail order wrong. We then waited ages for our starters to arrive. Meanwhile no sign of bread & butter, no sign of the water we'd ordered & no sign of the wine. The latter arrived only because we were looking forlornly at the sommelier as he was delivering wine to another table & asked if we'd ordered some! The wine was served after our starters had been consumed.... The main courses also took an age to arrive & when they did the side order of spinach was burnt! The maitre'd came over to ask how everything was whilst we were nearly finishing our main course. So, I told him about the terrible service. He offered a free drink - I didn't want any more alcohol so declined & said I'd rather have money off the bill. He offered to remove the 12.5% DISCRETIONARY service charge. Like I was going to pay that any way! A while later he appeared with 2 cocktails for us - remember I'd specifically said I didn't want a free drink. I could rant on some more about the poor service & attitude but the nail in the coffin as far as we were concerned was that the bill, when it finally arrived, not only still had the service charge on it but also the "complimentary" drinks. My advice - avoid this place!


Wow. Sounds like an unfortunate evening out, JmC. Thanks for sharing your experience.


I had lunch at Bennett's on Saturday. It was dire in every respect.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Our food arrived at 4pm. The place didn't seem busy. We were offered no explanation for the delay.

My girlfriend had a very ordinary but expensive full English with half a slice of cheap white toast. It was missing an egg as the waiter had dropped it.

I had the beef and oyster pudding. It contained one oyster, the pastry was dry and rubbery, the mash was tepid and the beef was truly inedible. When the waiter (eventually) picked-up my plate with an uneaten pie, he didn't bother to ask if everything was alright.

I live in Battersea; we're not short of good restaurants. I'm surprised that Bennett's seems to find enough customers to support it.


mmm just moved into SW11 and notice Bennetts last night whilst at the Friends of Battersea Square annual carol service. Coming home I decided to look it up and read some reviews. it gets mixed reviews so I guess I'm going to have to get a along to check it out.

Wish me luck!


Let us know how it goes, Craig.