Artsdepot To Stay Open Despite Funding Cut

By Lindsey Last edited 96 months ago
Artsdepot To Stay Open Despite Funding Cut

Barnet's best venue, Artsdepot has vowed to stay open despite withdrawal of funding from the Borough.

Enthusiastic local support and protest could not sway the council which has cut Artsdepot's £194,000 annual funding. The Arts Council will continue funding the venue to the tune of £300,000 a year until 2012 which buys some time for them to come up with a new business plan and rally supporters and users of the centre to put their money where their mouth is. Their message is simple: "support artsdepot, and we will remain a vital part of North London life". And that means visit, use the cafe, take the kids to the play area, buy tickets, become a member, make a donation, spread the word.

Church Farmhouse Museum also lost funding from Barnet Council and is sadly preparing to close. Barnet Museum, on the other hand, which only relied on £23,000 a year from the council, is also making defiant plans to go it alone and needs your support.

Image via jovike's Flickrstream under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Last Updated 24 March 2011