Really Free School Squat Guy Ritchie's Fitzrovia Pad

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Last Updated 15 February 2011

Really Free School Squat Guy Ritchie's Fitzrovia Pad

The Really Free School is a learning collective that opposes organised education that increasingly needs to be paid for and/or justified in financial and vocational terms. It is intended that the Really Free School "will de-school you". Once you're in its domain:

"in this space, aside from the fact that you will not spend one penny inside these doors, you can also come and engage in a collective learning process directed by your own desires, ideas, questions and problems."

At the weekend it installed itself inside Guy Ritchie's recently acquired pile in Fitzroy Square, a former language school which was undergoing renovation. The collective moved in, despite signs of the presence of builders, and began its occupation with a night of film screenings.

A range of classes should begin shortly including one on successful squatting, as long as they don't get evicted first. Whether they should be in Ritchie's pad or not, The Really Free School join the collection of 'fluffy squatters' we admire for doing creative, caretaking and activist things, such as the Oubliette Arthouse and Temporary School of Thought.

If you want to help the Really Free School get started this is their wishlist.

Read our interview with a 'fluffy' squatter.

Image courtesy of Really Free School website.