Last Minute Listing: The Book Of The Dead Late @ British Museum

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Last Updated 17 February 2011

Last Minute Listing: The Book Of The Dead Late @ British Museum

Tonight from 6.30 pm, the Book of the Dead comes alive courtesy of Home Live Art at the British Museum Great Court. Take part in a free celebration and exploration of ancient Egyptian traditions around the afterlife.

Attendees are not expected to lie down and take it like a corpse; instead, a very wide range of activities will require you to be very much alive and engaged. Performances from Periplum will trace the journey of an Egyptian from death to the afterlife, there are also Egyptian classical and folk dance displays, fashion demonstrations in a sort of Gok Wan "how to achieve the ancient Egyptian look" show, and workshops with the Feral Choir providing a grand, sung finale of the evening. And most intriguingly, the chance to play senet.

That's playing senet, the Snakes and Ladder-type ancient Eqyptian board game about the afterlife, with 815 Agency, as an actual game piece, building the board and the journey across it according to what the roll of theĀ  knuckle bones say... Get to the British Museum for 6.30pm this evening, some events will be ticketed. For more information, go to the Book of the Dead late page.