Live Weekend Preview: Shunt At ICA

By Lindsey Last edited 96 months ago
Live Weekend Preview: Shunt At ICA

Exiled from their London Bridge vaults lounge thanks to work on some tower, the ever inventive Shunt Collective bring five days of live performance to experience free at the ICA from Wednesday.

The programme is extensive, bemusing and positively alluring, ecompassing performance of every ilk. For starters, get tattooed in the goods lift, race sewing machines and witness long dead birds begin to breathe again in the gallery.

Step in deeper and watch short films and gawp at a prehistoric monkey baby in an incubator in the bar, wonder at dogs let loose on the ground floor, watch out for an encounter with the embodiment of political and economic evil, witness nothingness, loneliness, grotesque puppetry and paranoid cabaret in the theatre and see Fosters 'Comedy Gods' Frank Chickens perform a rare gig.

And that's not the half of it. Start planning your visit now. Or just carve out time to visit and see what happens. Perhaps this sort of stuff works best unplanned.

The Live Weekends have so far produced a live radio sit-com and explored experimental music. With the forthcoming five day liveart feast, the threats of a year ago and uncertainties of a change in director last summer seem distant indeed. Is the ICA back on track? We hope so.

Live Weekends: Shunt at the ICA starts on Wednesday 23 and runs till Sunday 27 February. Entry is free. The ICA is on the Mall.

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Last Updated 21 February 2011