Find The Yell Golden Ticket In Your Local Record Shop And Win

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Find The Yell Golden Ticket In Your Local Record Shop And Win

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The classic Yellow Pages ad featuring the folorn fly fisherman JR Hartley has been updated for the 21st century. Former trance DJ Day V Lately trudges his local record stores seeking a copy of his one hit wonder, Pulse and Thunder, to no avail. Arriving home dejected, his tech savvy daughter lets him borrow the Yell app on her smartphone and bingo, a cup of tea later, it is located.

The TV ad stars Haggle Vinyl in Islington and a bunch of other independent record shops. Kudos if you can name them.

If the ad has given you a nostalgic urge to go and flip through the vinyl racks in your old favourite record shop then you could be onto a winner. If you happen across a copy of Day V Lately's Pulse and Thunder while you're there, some awesome prizes could be yours. Take a photo of yourself holding the record sleeve and you could be in with a chance to win £10,000 worth of prizes, including a 55" Sony 3D TV, a surround sound system, decks, mixing lessons and more.

Ten copies of Pulse and Thunder are stashed in record shops across the UK. Download the Yell app or visit to find them and find out how to enter.

And if Day V Lately's Pulse and Thunder gives you early 90s trance chills you can buy it on iTunes.

Watch the updated advertisement:

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Last Updated 23 February 2011